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The all new Playstation 4 has got some launch dates verified in several regions of the world: Nov 15 in the United States Of America as well as Canada, and November 29th in Europe and Latin America. Sony stated this at the press conference in Gamescom 2017.

Before the year ends at least 33 titles will be relased for the Playstation 4. This includes Playstation 4 exclusive titles as well as releases for all next generation consoles.

The PS4 won't be released throughout all countries expected for its release on the same date. Even Japan is getting the unit released to their country following the North American launch date. A large amount of new game titles have been in development for the PS4 way before its release date. This gives the new unit a head start along with a wide range of games available to it when it is released. The quantity of game developers had gone from 500 to more than Six hundred since after the Summer of 2017.

Content sharing is also a feature the new PS4, which will incorporate Twitch TV, a live online transmission service focused entirely on videogames. Since its launch in the year 2011, Twitch received tremendous recognition around the world as a system for live streaming of videos focused entirely on online games, accumulating more than Thirty eight million visitors per month.

You can easily share your online stream through Twitch using the new Playstation 4 game controller, by just pressing the “share” button. Everybody will get a chance to stream their video games through twitch.tv, it won’t be available to solely paid members.

If you’re hoping to play your current PSN games on your Playstation 4, you might be disappointed. This is because of the PS3 and PS4’s architectures, both are different, because of this porting the video games over will be quite challenging. Sony is giving free codes for playstation network to the customers which have either pre-ordered the PS4 or have already made many purchases on the Playstation Network Store.

Playstation 4 has planned a new 3D VR display. This awesome news will probably be released at the Tokyo Game Show 2017 a gaming event that occurs in Tokyo.

The controller that comes with the PS4 is a completely redesigned controller compared to the older generation. If you are already used to the PS3’s controller you won’t have a problem with the new controller, it feels almost the same and the button placement has not changed.

Another great function is the capability to give speech commands to the PS4. The PlayStation Camera will come with microphones that identify voice commands from the user and carry out certain actions that require it. Voice commands and facial recognition gives the new PS4 an unbelievable new experience! The Xbox One includes similar capabilities with their very own version known as the Kinect.

The PS4 has been completely re-designed with a brand new smooth and strong design, which will complement your entire entertainment system. It is a lot more intrusive in comparison to the PS3. When you initially look at it you might not see how large it is until you look at it personally, it’s quite bulky but in time the PS4 should come out with a thinner version. The next gen Playstation 4 is loaded with some of the most up to date and most powerful hardware found on high-end PC gaming stations.

Some other details you might want to know:
The Playstation 4 won't be compatible with Playstation 3 video games or anything prior, outdated games will have to run through Playstation’s cloud.

The newest DualShock 4 controller boasts a layout similar to its predecessors, but with a clickable touchpad in the middle, a share button as well as a light bar that moves with you, just like the PlayStation Move.

The Playstation 4 camera does not just have a single camera, it has two! It comes with a set of microphones for voice commands.

Your iPad, Android OS tablet, and Playstation Vita will give you a choice of having a “second screen” which will allow you to get much more out of the video game through easily viewing stats, quests, and so forth.

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